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School Farm School Farm DN22 0QJ Retford

Selling strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, red/white currants and gooseberries. Depending on the weather the farm should be open in the 2nd week of June for its second year! We accept: Cash only

At "School Farm" you can pick:






Scaddows Farm Scaddows Farm DE73 7JP Ticknall, Derby

Scaddows Farm is located in beautiful countryside on the A514 between Ticknall and Hartshorne in South Derbyshire. John and Ann Webster have been farming all their lives and moved to Ticknall in 1987 with daughter, Lizzie, and son, Tom. The farm is a family run business and produces lamb, vegetables and pick-your-own fruit and also has a secluded caravan park with 10 pitches. We are passionate about producing traditional & home-grown produce, and the farm has become famous for it's Pick-Your...

At "Scaddows Farm" you can pick: