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Cairnie Fruit Farm Cairnie Fruit Farm KY15 4QD Cupar, Fife

Cairnie Fruit Farm is a family run business in Fife, Scotland. Cairnie Fruit Farm is a popular local landmark producing top quality fruit for our highly regarded Pick Your Own as well as for the supermarket soft fruit industry. Our Farm Shop features seasonal produce, local honey and our own home produced range of Cairnie Fruit Farm jams as well as a selection of country inspired gifts & greeting cards. We offer a great range of activities in our playground area and a Mega Maze in the summer...

At "Cairnie Fruit Farm" you can pick:











Maynards Fruit Farm Maynards Fruit Farm TN5 7HQ Wealde

Maynards is a family fruit farm which was started by David and Mary back in 1952. When they came there were no buildings and no fruit, but the site had the right elevation for avoiding spring frosts, and was also a beautiful place! As well as building up the first pick your own business in the country they had four children (Judi, Tom, Chris and Bill) who helped (and sometimes hindered!) the farm as they grew up, and Tom decided to come and join the business after his studies and working abr...

At "Maynards Fruit Farm" you can pick: